If you are a fan of video games, then you must have definitely heard about Clash Royale. This is a multiplayer video game which is inspired from the characters of the clash of clans. It is a free mobile-based video game which was published by the Supercell. The Clash Royale is a combination of the collectible card game, defense of tower and online battle arena. The goal is to destroy your opponents and lead your troops towards victory and win the trophies and fallen crowns of the opponents. All these things help you to upgrade the cards and top the global standing ladder. The outstanding game play of this game has contributed in making it one of the top most mobile games in the world. Here is all you want to know regarding its features and game play.

Know about the game play of Clash Royale

This game is said to have the most interesting game play where the players are ranked on the basis of their trophy count. The players also have to level up their gaming by donating or upgrading their cards and reach up to the thirteenth level. This is multiplayer game where you have to destroy as many opponents tower as you can by defending your own tower. If you are able to destroy more towers of the opponent which is finally represented as a crown, you have to collect the crowns. When you have more crowns than the opponent, you will end up having trophies.

If you are able to destroy the king’s tower, then it will automatically result in a three crown victory. You have to collect the cards and upgrade them which will help you to lead the scoreboard and win the game. You can also use the clash of royale hack to get unlimited free gems and gold which is fantastic.

Some important terms related to the Clash Royale

While playing the Clash Royale, you will come across some certain names again and again. If you are a new player or playing the game for the first time, then it is important for you to be aware of these terms. Therefore here are some of the most important terms used in the Clash Royale:


This is the most important term used in the game. The cards represent playable units, spells, and buildings. From the second battle in the game, players have to construct a deck of at least eight cards which they have to defend against the opponent and destroy their deck. An extra card comes for at least 5 elixir points. Having more cards can help you play the game and increase your ranking on the score board.


There is an in-game currency in every game, and in the Clash Royale, the currency plays a very important role. It helps in purchasing all the features of the game. If the player falls short of currency, they can purchase it with the help of real currency. The currency helps the player buy gems, enter the challenges, and buy elixir and many more things.

The chests:

The player obtains a chest after winning a multiplayer battle. The chests take certain time to open and the time taken depends on its rarity. A player is allowed to hold four chests at a time. The time taken to open the chest can be fastened with the help of gems. The gems can also help you purchase a chest. Each chest consists of gold, gems, and cards. There are various types of chests in the game that come from time to time.


Players are allowed to join or form clans right from the first level. The members of the clan can engage on friendly battle, and the outcome of these battles does not affect the chests and trophies. The members of the clan can also donate cards from the third level. If you are joining the clans in the game, it will allow you to take part in the weekly clan chest.
These were the most common terms that every player of the Clash Royale must be aware of. As you pass the levels and play the game, you will come across many more terms, but everything in the game actually revolves around the above given terms.

Tips to play the Clash Royale

Though the game is very easy to play as well as understand, many new players face a lot of problem in the initial stages. If you want to play the game like a pro without failing in the battle then here are some best tip and trick that you can use to enhance your game play and enjoy the game smoothly:

Join a clan.

Joining a clan in this game can benefit you for many reasons. You will be able to get your cars faster than others and gain gold faster as well. Joining a clan can be good from social aspects as well. You can join the clan and chat from the other players too.

Attacking in pairs.

Attacking with one troop is a bad idea. It is a good option of you attack with two troops so that the chances of your winning become more and you are able to reap all the advantages of it.

Learn from your previous matches.

Take lessons from your previous matches and do not repeat the mistake again. It will also be beneficial if you take the lessons from an experienced player in the clan and enhance your game play.

Why to play the Clash Royale

People who have not played the game yet, generally have the question in mind. There can be many reasons to play the game, but the most important reason is that this game has interesting features and really engaging game play. Once a player starts to play the game, it is hard to get over it. With smooth processing and outstanding audio and video affects the Clash Royale is the best option for all the video game lovers. Another best thing about this game is that it is compatible to mobile and therefore you can play it anytime anywhere.